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About Dr.Madhu
Dr. Madhu, the first doctor to introduce many advanced techniques of hair restoration surgery to India, is primarily a Dermatologist and Dermato surgeon. He has been performing hair transplant surgeries for the past ten years. Following the advent of newer techniques and advancements in the field of hair restoration surgery across the world, he developed passion towards hair restoration treatments and involved himself by learning the most sophisticated and latest techniques adopted across the world from the stalwarts of hair restoration surgery. Presently, he has dedicated himself exclusively in hair restoration surgeries leaving his dermatology and cosmetic dermatology practice to the associate dermatologists of his team.
He is the India's FIRST hair transplant surgeon to have the honor of highest certification available in the world in hair restoration surgery, which was awarded by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery), after successful completion of the exam conducted by that board. Now he can be called as a “Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery”. He is also an active member of “International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery” (ISHRS).

A very dedicated and gifted surgeon who is passionate about his work always striving to achieve excellence in the field of Hair restoration. His expertise involves in artistic designing of hair line which mimics the natural hairline, as he is an innate artist and has numerous successful hair transplant surgeries to his credit.

Why Dr.Madhu’s method is superior?

* Dr.Madhu has modified stereo microscopes so as to make it suitable for hair transplantation mainly changing the lighting properties of the microscope.
* Dr.Madhu’s slivering technique is superior because he dissects under mantis microscope and slivers in longitudinal manner under immersion which is considered to be the best method of slivering.

* One should note that slivering is very important step in transplantation for minimising transection of grafts.  Silica gel is a sterilisable one and superior when compared to the wooden spatulas. 

* Dr.Madhu indigenously developed a cutting board and cutting surface which can be sterilised easily and effectively by autoclaving.

* Dr.Madhu developed a far superior method of dissection by which transection (wastage) is negligible and blood loss is also negligible.  This technique is appearing superior to four hook method of dissection which Dr.Madhu used to practise earlier.

* Dr. Madhu’s method of closure is also very superior as he further modified and developed a revolutionary method called “Triplephytic” closure. It is a combination of Trichophytic closure & triple layered closure. With this Dr.Madhu’s patients are almost are enjoying the finest possible scars when compared to the older versions.

* Dr.Madhu adapts power assisted FUE and uses very small sized punches.
* Dr.Madhu’s incisions are close like very fine lines without any tension on the wound and they will get healed with almost negligible scars. 

* Dr.Madhu’s method is almost painless & blood less method because he adapts all pain minimising techniques.
* Dr.Madhu’s method of slit making in the donor area is also far superior and he makes pre-made slits in the donor area by using a best instrument giving good density.

* Dr.Madhu adapts far superior & very safe methods of implantation as he implants more effectively by inculcating all the superior modes of implantation advocated by the stalwarts of the world by modifying the earlier methods and developed most advanced method of implantation which may be unique of his own. Because of this one can expect minimal trauma to the graft & maximum survival rate.

* Furthermore this modified technique also made him to implant very fast and he may be the fastest in the world to complete a given surgery without compromising the quality and in reality by improving the quality of transplantation.

Few "FIRSTS" of Dr.Madhu in INDIA:
* First Hair Transplant surgeon in India certified by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.
* The First to practice "Ultra refined Follicular Unit Grafting" method in Hair restoration surgery.
* The First to use Stereo Microscopes for dissection and Mantis Microscopes for slivering.
* The First to perform " Super mega sessions" ( more than 2800 follicular units per session)
* First to introduce long hair transplantation to India and even establish a world record by successfully implanting a giga session of " long hair transplant".
* The First to perform "open method of dissection" that nullifies the wastage of follicles.
* The First to practice"Trichophytic closure technique " to minimize the scar of the donor area.
* The First Hair Transplant surgeon to practice " Four hook method " of dissection.
* The First to use " Micro-blades " (0.7-0.9mm) for making micro-incisions.

* The First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to perform "Vitiligo surgery Blister Grafting method" (1994).

* The First Dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh to treat Psoriasis and Vitiligo by PUVA method (1995).

* The First Hair Transplantation surgery in Andhra Pradesh was performed by Dr. Madhu in Punch grafting method (1994).

* First Hair Transplant surgeon in India to implement ISO standard in his clinic and get Certification.(9001:2008)

* First to Introduce Smart Lipo (Latest version of Laser Lipolysis) to India.

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Dr. Madhu is the Only Doctor from India Recommended by Hair Transpant

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