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Tashi Phuntsok

Hi, I have been very much satisfied by this facility, the doctors and the staff are very polite and caring, the procedure was excellent. The doctors and the care takers who were at the scene were very nice and Dr.Madhu himself is an expert in his field, he is a man with few words but he knows what he is doing. I have nothing but the best to say about you guys, wish you luck and lots of success!
Date of Surgery: 22nd May 2011, Grafts: 3118
Thanking you,
click hereTashi Phuntsok.
Ansh Desai First of all, I want to thank for giving me appointment for surgery in a short time of communication. Overall experience with pre, during and post-surgery was great. I am happy that the clinic and professionalism of Dr.Madhu’s hair transplant clinic meets my expectation.

I would definitely update my positive feedback on hair restoration blog. I hope I will come for second session after the positive results of this surgery.

I will definitely recommend Dr.Madhu to others who are in search of trust worthy doctor. 

Date of Surgery: 24th May 2011, Grafts: 2890
Thanking you,
click hereAnsh Desai, From USA,
narayanan For one, who is drowning in the sea, a twig or branch is a big boon. If he was to get a boat with oars, then it is a miracle. I am one such person who has experienced this miracle.

Many doctors whom I consulted flatly told me that doing a mere 1000 grafts was almost close to impossible, I was really disappointed. But God willing, I saw Dr.Madhu’s webpage online.

I am at the apex of confidence and happiness after being treated by Dr.Madhu. Not only has he transplanted almost 2500 grafts, he has also told me a second procedure can be done. What else can I ask for? God-I thank you for directing me to Dr.Madhu and his excellent team as caring & very friendly staff who have reinforced in me that my expectation will be full filled with no issue at all.

I am really gratified.
Thanking you,
click hereN.S.Narayanan, From Malaysia,
Michael baar

After my hair surgery the growing process happened just as Dr.Madhu said it would. Over all I am satisfied with the result that is why I am back for a second surgery to finish the crown.
Date of Surgery: 20th May 2011.
Thanking you,
click hereMichael Baar, From USA,
Amit I learnt of Dr.Madhu’s center through internet search and originally came to India for my sister wedding. However upon talking to Dr.Vijetha I was convinced that I could get this done rather quickly. Now post-transplant I have already got a strong feeling that I made the right decision. Dr.Madhu is very understanding and listens to your suggestions and is open for your opinion on your hair line. Dr.Vijetha, vishali and team have mastered this art as well.

Overall a great experience. I would sincerely like to thank each individual at Dr.Madhu’s Hair Transplant Centre and wish them luck for the future.

Date of Surgery: 16th April 2011, Grafts: 3677
Thanking you,
click hereAmit
venu I have come here with a hope of regaining my natural hair. When I came here I have lost most of hair. But after Hair Transplantation I was very happy and very satisfied with my hair growth. I have almost regained my hair and the natural look. I would sincerely like to thank Dr.Madhu.

Date of Surgery: 9th December 2009.
Thanking you,
click hereVenu,
Ibne Dr.Madhu’s Hair Transplant Centre is the best place to do hair transplantation. The price is cheaper than any other countries but the quality is best. The employees are very very helpful and very friendly, if anyone wants to come from overseas they organise everything. The most important thing is these people are not after money, they are after quality of their job and they are doing excellent to make their patients smile and give them a new hairfull life.

Date of Surgery: 17 April 2011.
Thanking you,
click hereIbne, From Australia,

I have got my hair transplanted on 24th July 2010. I have had a very good post- operative experience. In the initial 4 months there was not much growth but I waited patiently for the hair growth and after 4th month the hair started growth in the transplanted area. I have seen the maximum growth in the time between 4-10 months. Now I am very much satisfied with the results I have seen. I would love to suggest Dr.Madhu’s clinic for my friends and family. Thank you very much Dr.Madhu.
Date of Surgery: 24 July 2010, Grafts: 3200
Thanking you,
click hereP.Sujith
Mahmood khan I had started with the frontal hair loss since 2003. Recently almost 90% of the hair in the frontal region of the head were lost. I found Dr.Madhu Pathuri clinic through the website advertisement. Since then I have contacted several people and also the clinic itself to know the facts about the hair transplant surgery finally I decided to go for it after visiting the clinic and talking to people who conferment hair transplant recently. Dr.Madhu is one of the best doctor I had even encountered in my life. He has an excellent team to set the job done efficiently and successfully. Once again I command Dr.Pathuri clinic for fantastic work. Good luck.
Thanking You,
click hereMahmood Khan
raghava reddy Total 2860 grafts were transplanted; entire surgery was done smoothly without pain and complications. Nearly 60% of the area was covered because my donor area was weak. Entire surgery was done smoothly. Therefore I am satisfied and happy with the surgery.
Thanking you,
click hereRaghava Reddy Y

I have my hair transplantation done on 23/12/2009. Before choosing Dr.Madhu I have done lot of searching in net to make sure that I have to choose a right Doctor. I found that he is the only Doctor in India who is certified by hair restoration association when I visited the place I just felt that I have made a right choice. The surgery was very comfortable without any complications.
It was very affordable too, and mainly Dr.Madhu and his crew members are very friendly and he ensured that I am not in panic state. Overall it was a pleasurable procedure.
Thanking you,
click hereVigneshwer.
ajay kumar Experienced most quality and result oriented hair transplant surgery. I had my first surgery on 05/04/09 and results are up to my expectations and had my second surgery on 28/12/09 and hope to have same results and I recommend all my fellow members who are eager to have hair transplantation.
Thanking You,
click hereAjay Kumar T.
balaji B I feel the surgery done by Dr. Madhu was great with almost no pain. I had surgery done yesterday (08.01.10). Before that, I was nervous / dubious whether to go for the surgery or not. Now I feel / recommend others to go for hair transplantation as it is going to give us a new look.

Of course coming to results, I need to wait for 8-10 months now to give you the 100% feedback on the outcome of the surgery. I am greatly thankful to the doctor and staff who has taken care of the patient with utmost care.
Thanking you,
click hereBalaji B.
jayaprakash I am very happy about the quality of service provided here. I suggest to others as well because here I have got real value for money I spent. I highly recommend this centre for anyone planning for hair transplant. Though I have to wait for 8 months to see the results I suggest this clinic and if you have any query you can contact me. Thank you Dr.Madhu and your crew.
Thanking you,
click hereJayaprakash.N,
sujay kumar

I had a transplant done for app. 3000 grafts on June 30th 2009. Seven months from the operation I am really feeling very happy. I have actually stopped worrying about hair loss because I know that Dr.Madhu’s hospital is there to attend to my problem. The staffs at the centre are very kind and helpful. I am so confident and satisfied about the place that I am advising some of my friends and relatives to visit the centre.

Finally I would like to wish Dr.Madhu’s centre a very good & prosperous future and hope that many people like me who have suffered may receive help & guidance from you.
Thanking you,
click hereSujay Kumar.Y.H,
vijay bhaskar Clinic, staff, ambience is really good. Procedure followed looks to be international standard. Doctors are reachable round the clock. Appreciate their participation in hair restoration forums.
Thanking you,
click hereVijay Bhaskar.
jacob Dear Dr.Madhu,
I am very satisfied with condition and location of your clinic being situated at the prime location of the city. I am also very confident with your experience and dexterity in carrying out the hair transplant surgery. Your staff and the team have given me great hospitality through out making my first visit to Hyderabad memorable. I have also taken the opportunity to tour around this place full of culture, the historical places and the developed areas of Hitec city.

Finally, I hope to see my hair growing to full length in a few months time and I’ll visit the clinic again.
Thanking you,
click hereJac
reinhard Dear Team from Dr.Madhu
I say thanks to you all from the first moment, I entered the clinic, I felt welcome into a family atmosphere. The day before the surgery I was informed the best and also during the Hair Transplantation it was a relaxed situation.

Also the days after the surgery I was accompanied very well by all the team anyway I can say I felt very fine at the end.
I will say to you all it was “SUB THEEK HAI AUR BAHUT DHANYAVAD”. Dr.Madhu you should continue this way especially to you “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”.
Thanking you,
click hereReinhard
I am very much pleased by the things at Madhu. Adv. Clinic right from preoperative to Postoperative procedure. I can clearly distinguish between Dr.Madhu proficiency and other and no doubt he is the best doctor in HT world and I strongly recommend Dr.Madhu to anyone who is having hair loss problem as I have done my 1st HT in some other clinic, I can see the difference between Dr.Madhu and other. Surely he is 10/10 in either planning the surgery to scar reduction.
Thanking You,
click hereS.J
It is a pleasant surprise to see your bald head becoming head full of hair, also natural with little pain pre and post-operating. All thanks go to Dr.Pathuri Madhu for providing an excellent courage with his fine technique. I really appreciate the assisting staff to be so skillful and compassable during the entire surgery.
Thanking You,
Dr. Sanjay Tambi.
After hearing and reading many good reports about Dr.Madhu on the internet I travelled to India from England. The doctor and all of his staff made the experience very easy and pleasant. I was very satisfied with my operation which was far superior to my previous operation in Europe. I would recommend Dr.Madhu to anyone seeking a hair transplant. Traveling to India from the UK was not an easy decision, but I have no regrets and can honestly say that coming to Dr.Madhu’s hair transplant center in Hyderabad was the best decision I could have made. I am very grateful to the doctor and all his staff.

Thanking you,
click hereMr. Auckland, From England,
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