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Long Hair Transplantation


Dr.Madhu who is known for introducing many newer technologies and techniques in India in the field of hair restoration has also introduced a new revolutionary method termed as Long Hair Transplantation.

This has added one more feather in his cap. He is the first Hair Transplant surgeon in India not only to introduce these techniques but also has successfully managed to break the world record by implanting 5230 follicular units amounting to 12890 individual hairs in a time span of just 8 ½ hours, which is a feat in itself.


With this revolutionary approach one need not wait for 8 to 12 months to see the results, un like in routine Hair Transplantation surgery.Here the results are instant and one can appreciate ones approximate picture with full length of hair immediately after the procedure.   Most of the Transplanted hair falls of 3-8 weeks after the surgery only to regrow after sometime; hence one has to wait a minimum of 8 months to appreciate the permanant re-growth in the implanted region.

This procedure is not for every one. Dr Madhu selectively chooses the candidate after explaining about this in detail.

The Long hair transplantation is more advantageous for those who have some important ceremonies, or planning for marriage within short notice, or those who wish to get the feel on how they would look after 1yr.

This kind of transplantation is very unique and most difficult task to accomplish, as it demands lot of precision, skill, concentration and dedication. Dr. Madhu and his team have exceptional skills in managing such tasks successfully with ease, literally making the impossible possible.

The above long hair transplantation video not only projects overall capabilities of the surgeon and his team at a glance but also illustrates the art, technique, technology and efficiency involved in it.

Capabilities of the surgeon in terms of:

  • The number of grafts he can implant per session (like giga sessions)
  • The density (dense packing) at which he can implant.
  • Naturalness of the hairline (mature male hair line).
  • Speed of the surgery (very crucial):

    We completed the entire procedure of implanting 12,890 hairs (5230 F.U’s) in eight and a half hours, which is an impossible task and a dream to any surgeon in the world to accomplish.
  • And last but not the least- the safety aspects.
Only those who have highest capabilities in hair transplantation can only think to venture to perform this kind of herculean task.