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It�s been 7th months, precise I undergone hair transplantation I can say that I had very minimal pain after the surgery. I followed what the doctor advised taking the necessary precautions.

As mailed to Dr.Madhu�s Id, I feel very comfortable as I see a huge difference in the way I look. I am very confident, show off my new look without hesitation, even my parents, friends feel happy to mingle with me.

It�s been a great experience, and I fulfilled my dream here and I can only say that this is the best clinic in Asia with doctors having lot of experience, listen to you carefully and give you a new look.

Thanking you,
click hereZulfikar Ahmad Gounda
Saudi Arabia.
I am very glad to inform you that I underwent hair transplantation in your clinic during March 2009. That was my second birthday really I am so happy to say like this why because I was totally uncomfortable, shameful, inferior due to my baldness. After six months (now) I am with full confidence. Thanks to Dr. Madhu for this great look.
Thanking you,
click hereK.Eswara Reddy
My name is Hari Krishna.k, working as a software engineer. I heard first time about these hair transplantation surgeries in year 2007. That too those operations are only happening at Rajahmundry. That time I was not so serious about this transplantation. Later, when I heard and listened Dr. Madhu�s interview, I thought to meet him once. And I met and consulted him in the month of May 2008. Immediately agreed for surgery, after surgery I felt bit uneasy about the change. But after a year it was so drastical, that I need a no objection certificate to show if I go outside (India or anywhere). This example can show how much confident and happy I am.

Thanking you,
click hereK.Hari Krishna.
I feel pretty happy after surgery by Dr.Madhu, It gave a new look to my face. After studying about 2 to 3 years globally, and based on the reviews, experience of the doctor. I confidently chosen Dr.Madhu�s. Further to this, the doctor tried a new method, a double strip from my donor area in order to pull more grafts which ultimately added to the density of hair. I feel quite lucky to choose Dr.Madhu of Hyderabad who has given a new young look for me. I can confidently say that no one in this world can challenge in HT (FUT METHOD).

Normally the patient is ready for single strip, but then the doctor came up with a new method of double strip which made me convinced and impressed with his new idea, which is not at all much painful. I have not found much swelling problem or complications.
Thanking you,
click hereJagannath Reddy Y.

Over all my experience was great. I like the Doctors/Technicians and all are very friendly. I will definitely recommend others after seeing my results. However I see few things of improvement in operations (not surgery operations).

1) Please implement credit card system [Immediately] my dad stood in line for 2hrs to get these DD�s and it is troublesome for me. Also I have to hunt for ATMs to get the remaining amount. Implementing these will have lot of advantages. One I can book dates online or with a phone call this will be a great experience and easy for all NRI�s.

2) Tie up with hotels/car companies to provide stay & back and forth rides to hotel to clinic. Have 3 or 4 levels of hotel tie-ups like with ranges (4k-5k) & (1500 to 3000) range and less than that based of patient�s affordability.

Please think like a person who is coming first time to HYDERABAD for HT what are the things needed.[this will be big help for foreigners] hope to see this clinic one of the best in India and in the world.
Thanking you,
click hereShivaji Patnaik.
Greetings Well done, felt comfortable throughout, very friendly team confident and approachable Doctors. Day of procedure very smooth no harsh less 2 days after that I started working. No problems after 12 days.
Thanking you,
click hereSudhakar
Facilities here at Transplant center are excellent. People working here are cool, help full and good hospitality. I got my transplant surgery done twice at this hospital. One good thing is the suggestions and the treatment done by Dr.Madhu. But when it comes to the amount to be paid for the surgery it was less earlier compared to the present price. Of course you might say that amount reflects the price but just think about the patients who need the surgery, most of whom will be from middle class.
Thanking you,
click hereSunil Kumar.C
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