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Quality Hair Transplant Surgeon

After full re-growth:

The Quality of a hair transplant surgery can be easily assessed by any one after full re-growth.

One has to look for the following aspects to assess the quality of the hair transplant:

  • Natural appearance of the transplanted grafts.
  • Hair density
  • Hairline Design
  • Coverage
  • Un-detectability of the post-operative scar.
Note: Visible growth of the transplanted hair can be seen only after 8 months following the surgery. How ever, It takes almost 15-18 months to achieve the density of the existing hair. A high quality surgery means, the orientation of the grown transplanted hair should mimic the original hair and it should not be evident that the patient has undergone the surgery (even to his hair dresser or his close friend).
During the operation: The quality of the surgery can be assessed, but it is better appreciated by the practicing surgeons or physicians.
  • Patient should be conscious and comfortable during the procedure.
  • The operating field should be clean with minimum blood loss.
  • Incorporating Trycophytic closure technique, to minimize the scar at the donor area.
  • Dissection under stereo microscopes, as it is the latest technique in hair transplantation surgery. ( produces ultra refined follicular units).
  • Micro incisions (< 0.7mm to 0.9mm) in the recipient area also determine the quality of the outcome.
  • Sterilization methods adapted by the surgeon. (very important as these prevent post operative infections ).
  • usage of anesthetics and drugs (minimal is better).
  • Presence of more number of qualified doctors in the team.
  • Surgery should be completed in the least possible time.
  • Bigger and skilled team always aid in reducing the time for the completion of surgery.
Immediately after the surgery:

Quality of transplantation can be assessed immediately after the procedure also.
  • Density of the transplanted hair (FU s / Sq. cm)
  • No. of grafts per session and the area of coverage
  • Skin between the transplanted grafts (should be healthy).
  • Minimum / No pain during or after the surgery.
  • Orientation of the grafts should be in line with the existing hair.
  • Minimal dressing.
  immediate post operative