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Hair Transplant Special Note
Patients seeking online consultation are requested to note that the personal consultation is always beneficial and preferable for both doctor and the patient. Online consultation provides only the preliminary information, whereas personal examination gives lot of information about the patients to the doctor and about the procedure to the patients which aids in resolving their queries before committing themselves. Hence we always insist for personal consultation. In a few occasions even the best patient may also be rejected on the day of procedure if he is found to be not suitable either on medical grounds or providing inadequate information.

Our mode of approach is quite unique where in we conduct group counseling sessions and our team of doctors will answer all your queries. More than 99% of patients felt satisfied after visiting our center and observing our mode of approach and the standards we follow. Sometimes there is a possibility of interacting with our previous patients which gives much more clarity about us and even you will see live patients with appreciable hair-growth justifying our results.

We are sure that after approaching us in person, even the best researcher / investigator for hair transplant will commit himself 100%. Answering mails is not that easy as we have to handle many mails every day. We discourage those persons who poses questions one after the other seeking lot of information. They are advised to ask all the questions at a time by phone and not through mail as we have sufficiently good team to respond.

Otherwise we are rather happy on phone than on mails.

Dr. Madhu will be very busy with the surgeries and also in interacting with the Out Patients; hence only on a few special occasions if needed and we consider it as reasonable, your call will be considered and connected to Dr. Madhu.