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Some companies are coming forward that they can offer the greatest technique, Is it True?

Most of the times companies try to attract the customers by projecting themselves that they are different . In hair transplantation also some may claim that their technique & instruments are great and patented. But before believing them you should know that already there are universally accepted best techniques and any new technique & new instrument is not at all a much variation from the existing world wide accepted technique.

There may be little variation from the existing  world wide accepted technique.  There may be little variation in the instrument used for example (like changing the shape of the cap of a pen then one can claim that their’s is patented pen).  Similarly technique wise also so as to give some difference some company may change the terminology of the existing technique .  So it is better to go through the information available on very reputed societies like ISHRS website & also reputed forum & networks on the web like

In addition to this some companies even utilise some very famous celebrities for their brand propogation but at the same time one should know whether the same surgeon & same technique will be done on you also. 

Don’t forget to ask for the qualification of the surgeon because sometimes even technicians also act like really qualified surgeons and this procedure is not a beauticians procedure as it involves a lot of medical & surgical knowledge to practice this.  Real professionals only should venture to perform this, but as lot of money is involved in this so many can try to attract you.

Our suggestion is, as this is not an emergency procedure we always suggest you to acquire through knowledge about Hair Transplantation by browsing thoroughly over the net atleast before commiting yourself rather than repenting later.