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Our Statements

All hair transplants are not one and the same. Quality differs

Capability of doing Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting, Super mega sessions, Giga sessions, Dense packing with negligible complications and naturally looking results can be considered as high quality hair transplants.

All Hair Transplants Surgeons are not one and the same. Qualification Matters

The only Authority in the World to test the competency of Hair Restoration Surgeon is American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) by conducting Examinations and the passed out candidates are called as Diplomates of ABHRS.

Hair Transplant is not an emergency procedure

Hair Transplant is not an emergency procedure. Before taking hasty decision to commit yourselves we advise you to know much more about hair transplants and mainly about quality hair Transplants.

You cannot compare hair transplant with other surgeries

Hair Transplant unlike other surgeries is a technically demanding and highly skillful procedure involving lot of art and science, only a few surgeons across the globe have mastered this.

Express yourself and get Clarified all your queries during consultation

We request you to express all you concerns at the time of consultation regarding hair restoration, so that we can clarify it in detail and give you a lucid explaination of everything pertaining as Hair Transplantation surgery is time tested and has lot of scientific background behind them.

Do more Research and learn more about the Quality Hair Transplants.

There is lot of literature about Hair Transplantation in the Internet. Some good websites like provides sufficiently good scientific information.

Be Realistic with Realistic expectations.

Expectations should be realistic and try to understand the limitations also. Unrealistic expectations may not be met out of Hair Transplantation.

Hair transplant results always depend on the no: of grafts implanted and the quality of the donor hair.

The outcome of hair transplantation is always dependant on the quality of the donor hair which is characteristic of a person and also the no: of grafts implanted.

The more the no. of grafts the better the outcome and also hair characters like:

1. Shaft thickness.
2. Color of hair.
3. Wavy nature etc… play a major role in giving a better outcome.