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I am confused between FUT & FUE which one should I opt for?

FUT (Strip) is like a straight and simple and most effective method for covering larger bald areas. With this even in a single session we can implant more number of grafts, sometimes  amounting to even 5000 grafts.   Eventhough this method leaves a scar behind,  now a days we are adapting more effective scar minimising techniques which aid in minimising the scar to the maximum possible extent.  One need not worry about blood loss and pain as Strip method involves very negligible amount of pain and blood loss, furthermore it is more comfortable and simple then FUE. 
In this strip method the donor area need not be shaved and as result of this there will be no disfigurement in the donor area as donor area will covered by the existing hair.  It is only and the best method for developing bigger areas of baldness.  To do this procedure lot of infrastructure and many skilled technicians are required.  Cost wise also it is less costlier.

FUE eventhough it appears simple it is more tedious to the patient and also to the surgeon.  It is for developing smaller areas of baldness.  Per day most of the surgeons in the world can implant in between 500-1500 grafts only.  There will be disfigurement in the donor area as the donor hair will be shaved so as to extract more no. of. Grafts.  In order to get more grafts one has to repeatedly undergo the pocedures.  This procedure is advocated by those who cannot have sufficient infrastructure and technicians  to do strip method.  Those who have infrastructure to do strip method  can also perform FUE because of the Infrastructure  needed is the same . 
FUE  depends on the surgeons skill and if the skill is not sufficient there are higher chances of  wastage of grafts.  The skill largely varies from person to person. Don’t take it as granted that all FUE’S  are same and graft wastage is more during extraction through FUE when compared to FUT  and survival rate can be less.  Some companies claim that they are directly implanting but may not implant hundreds of grafts and even most of the claimers follow FUE eventually.