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Good Hair Transplant Centre

  • A good Hair transplant centre should always have highly qualified doctors and ABHRS diplomats are always the preferred one in the lot. Any doctor who is a member of International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and keeps abreast with the latest happenings in the field of Hair restoration, also trained in ACLS & BLS (recommended by American Heart Association) to handle any untoward emergencies is better suited.
  • HT surgery is not a one-man show; it requires a big team of surgical assistants that is well adept at the graft dissection and implantation. So, Bigger the team, better the results.
  • Centres which have ISO certification should be the preferred one as high quality standards are maintained in all aspects.
  • Centers which follow latest techniques in HT surgery are always a better bet, as newer methods promise better results.
  • Centers should be well equipped with all the latest equipments to carry out the procedure and should have the team capable of using Stereo and Mantis microscopes.
  • Transplanting more no of grafts in a single session always play a major role in the outcome of the surgery. (Super mega or even a Giga Session) Hence, the ability to practice OPEN method of dissection, which curtails the rate of transection of follicles (wastage), and non-touch technique of implantation, which improves the survival rate of the grafts is very important.
  • Capacity of HT surgeon to use MICRO-BLADES to make the micro-incisions of sizes varying between 0.7-0.9 mm should be verified, as they not only determine the aesthetic outcome of the surgery but also helps to perform "Dense Packing" (i.e., implanting more than 40 units per sq. cm) .
  • The centre should be equipped with doctors capable of performing Tricophytic closure (advanced method of suturing) which helps in minimizing the scar on the donor area.
  • Centers should also be equipped to carry out the procedure, with minimal or negligible pain and with remote / no chance of post-operative complications like facial edema, pain or infection following the procedure, by practicing absolute sterilization techniques.
  • The centre should be capable of performing all modalities of HT surgery (i.e, FUT, FUE, Body hair transplantation, Eye brow and Eye lash restoration, Beard and Moustache reconstruction).
  • First to introduce long hair transplantation to India and even establish a world record by successfully implanting a giga session of long hair transplant.
  • The Centers which are devoted exclusively to HT surgery are always a better option.
  • In a nut shell, the centre which provides you a relaxed ambience and equipped with qualified doctors who deliver assured results by following all the latest techniques and adequate safety precautions, gives an excellent value for your money.