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Stereo And Manti Microscopes

Slivering is the initial and a very crucial step in making follicular units. The technician using the slivering microscope should be specially trained to perform the task immaculately every time. Mantis microscope is recommended for this crucial step by the best surgeons across the world.

Hence for slivering, both the technician and the microscope are crucial for achieving the best results, for any of these two things go wrong, a huge wastage of follicles could be occured.

Stereo microscopes
, unlike any other ordinary microscopes give a three dimensional magnification which helps in appreciating the depth of a graft while dissection. This helps in minimizing the wastage (transection) of grafts.

But, training the dissector to use a stereo microscope efficiently is a crucial and daunting task, and to master over it, needs a lot of commitment and dedication for longer hours. Only few technicians who have exceptional capabilities coupled with commitment for greater precision and concentration can achieve it. Sometimes the microscopes available may not be suitable for this special work. We need to modify the microscopes according to our specifications to achieve the best result. Hence, prior technical knowledge about microscopes and lighting is preferred.