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Super Mega or Even A Giga Session

Hair transplantation procedure is performed in sessions. A session is defined based on the no. of grafts implanted in that particular session.

If 2000 to 2800 follicular units are transplanted in a single session, it can be termed as a “Mega Session”.
If 2800 to 4000 follicular units are transplanted in a single session, it can be called as a “Super Mega Session”.
If > 5000 grafts are transplanted, the session can be termed as “Giga session”.

For a smooth conductance of all these sessions, a big and well trained team of doctors and surgical assistants is required. Hence, bigger the team, better the results.

One major advantage of these BIGGER sessions is that the patients will get gratifying results with only one session.

Very few surgeons in the world have the exceptional capabilities to perform such sessions which demand higher precision with greater speed. The possibility of doing Mega, Super Mega or a Giga session depends on 3 major factors.
  • Surgeon and his team’s capability to handle those many grafts.
  • The donor supply – If the donor area is good enough to supply more no of grafts, then the
    doctor’s inability shouldn’t be a constraint.
  • The capability of the dissector should be higher (>300 follicles/hour) and the capability
    of implanter should be more than 400 grafts per hour.
If all the above 3 criteria are met, only then one should dare to venture such BIG sessions.