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Recipient Area  

It is the area which has lost hair and needs transplantation. In general the outcome of a best hair transplantation surgery entirely depends upon the area of baldness and its coverage. If the area is very big, more no: of grafts are required. We adopt a method to measure the bald area in sq. cm. An average session of 3000 grafts can fill a 75 sq. cm of bald area at a density of 40 Follicular Units / sq. cm.

Distribution of 40 F.U / sq. cm gives a good look. But less than 40 F.U / sq. cm gives a sparse appearance. If the recipient area is more than 75 sq. cm, then more no of grafts are required which might not be available from the donor area in a single session then a second session may be required in such cases furthermore if the recipient area is very big, even a third session may be also required.