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  • Medical Tourism India for hair Transplant

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  • 1 Patient VEN
    Front View
  • 2 Patient VEN
    Front Tilt View
  • 3 Patient VEN
    Front 45° View
  • 4 Patient VEN
    Left side View
  • 5 Patient VEN
    Right side View
  • 6 Patient VEN
    Back View
  • 7 Patient VEN
    Back Tilt View

Patient VEN is Norwood Class 5 with slightly wavy black hair. He had one hair transplant wherein 3025 grafts where implanted.

The patient has undergone surgery in the month of May 2009. The after pictures where taken 15months after the hair restoration. 3025 follicular units were placed over an area of 120 cm2 maintaining an average density of 27grafts per cm2. In the frontal 40cm2 1325 grafts were implanted giving a density of 33 follicular units per cm2. The other 1700 grafts were placed in the remaining 80cm2 giving a density of 21cm2.

The patient is also on medical treatment, which is helping him to retain his existing hair.