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More Reasons for Choosing Dr. Madhu


Reason One

Dr. Madhu is the India's FIRST hair transplant surgeon to pass and get  the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Certification (ABHRS).


Hair Transplant Network” is the most reputed forum in the field of Hair restoration which recommends only high quality hair transplant surgeons across the globe. Dr. Madhu is One & Only doctor from INDIA recommended by this prestigious forum.


A reputed site called Hairsite in the field of hair transplantation   recommends Dr.Madhu.


Dr. Madhu practices all the latest techniques in the field of Hair transplantation like...
  • Ultra refined follicular Unit Grafting. (pioneer in India)
  • FUE. ( No scar procedure)
  • Dense packing. (pioneer in India)
  • Mega & Super Mega Session. (pioneer in India)
  • Trichophytic closure. (pioneer in India)
  • Four hook method of dissection.(pioneer in India)
  • Open method of dissection. (pioneer in India)
  • Use of customised Micro-blades to make micro-incisions for implantation. (pioneer in India)


Dr. Madhu also offers...
  • Eyebrow transplantation.
  • Moustache & Beard reconstruction.
  • Capability of implanting without shaving the existing hair.


Dr. Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Centre is exclusively dedicated to Hair transplantations only.


Dr. Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Centre has the largest team of highly qualified doctors and well trained surgical assistants in INDIA to perform the procedure with commitment and dexterity.


Dr. Madhu and his team of doctors are not only well experienced but also members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) who keeps abreast with all the latest happenings in the field of Hair restoration across the globe.


Dr. Madhu is well adept in designing natural hairline as he is an innate artist.


Dr. Madhu has thousands of satisfied patients to his credit which further establishes the fact that he is a world class hair transplant surgeon.


Dr. Madhu and his team of doctors are also trained and certified in ACLS and BLS courses (recommended by American Heart Association) to tackle any untoward emergencies.


In INDIA, Dr. Madhu is the only doctor till now who can perform even a Giga session
(>5000 F.U. s or >8500 follicles) if the donor area permits. This facilitates coverage of larger bald area in a single day.


First doctor in India to introduce the concept of Long Hair Transplantation and created a world record by performing a Giga Session of implanting 5230 units amounting to 12890 individual hairs within 8 and half hours.


Primarily a dermatologist who knows in depth about the hair and scalp conditions and also dermato-surgeon & Cosmetic dermatologist.

Note: The process of applying ice packs, vibrators, usage of micro-needles, application of topical anaesthesia and no swelling techniques to perform a painless and hassle-free procedure is a part of our daily routine.