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Hair Transplant Cost in India

Pricing (General Slot)
Many centers across the globe charge $3-10 per follicular unit (FUT method) and $ 5-20 for FUE method of transplantation.

You can experience the same high quality transplantation surgery at our center just for a nominal price of $ 0.8 (Rs 50/-) per follicular unit (FUT method) and $ 1.20 (Rs. 75/-) in FUE method.

As single follicular unit may contain one or two or three hair follicles (hairs) some centers charge per follicle (hair), then the pricing will be Rs. 30/- per follicle (hair) in FUT method and Rs. 120/- in FUE method.

We also offer a combination of FUT & FUE on the same day and on the same person. We can even implant up-to 8000 follicles per day if the donor area permits.

Special surgeries like transplantation without removing the existing hair, body hair transplantation, beard hair transplantation, and eyebrow surgery are charged depending on the case.

In the FUT method, we can perform as low as 1500 grafts per session to as high as 5000 grafts (8000 hair follicles) per session provided the donor area permits. In FUE method, we provide from a minimum of 400 grafts per session onwards.

Pricing (Special Exclusive Slot):
This slot is allotted only on Thursdays and is meant for people like celebrities and VVIPs who insist on privacy. On that particular day, only your surgery will be scheduled and undertaken.

Dr. Madhu and his entire team will concentrate only on you. This slot can be reserved a month earlier and shall be confirmed only on the payment of 50% of the total projected / estimated cost of the surgery.

The pricing for this slot is $ 1.60 (Rs. 100/-) per unit (FUT)

*All Charges carry an additional service tax.

How to reserve a surgery slot & mode of payment
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Special Cosmetic Correction Facilities:

We offer some distinctive facilities like lunch time FUE of 300 grafts @ Rs.50,000/- and lunch time FUT of 800 grafts @ Rs. 40,000/- which take about 2 to 2 ½ hrs to complete. It’s so simple and quick; you can just walk away immediately after the procedure.

  • These are better suited for busy people.
  • For people who require less no. of grafts to attain a better look.
  • Also for people who are apprehensive about the Hair transplantation procedure and want to experience the realities in it as a simple pain less, day care procedure.
  • For the people who want to have a Test Hair transplantation before the major Hair transplantation procedure.
  • For correcting female hair-lines and aesthetic redesign. These sessions really work wonders in the process of artistic redesigning of the female hairline.
  • These special cosmetic corrections caught the fascination of many television anchors and film actors who started bestowing them.